Basic Weight Lifting Regimen

WEIGHT LIFTING can be a very intimating activity for many, especially when you don't know where to start.  But we at Vive Fitness believe there are too many health, both physical & mental benefits to leave strength training out of your workout schedule.

So we thought we'd draw up an entry level scrip for the recently motivated to follow. 

Remember, before you get started:

If you have questions about an exercise: Ask.

If something doesn't feel good, doesn't feel right, or down right hurts: Stop. 

Basic Weight Lifting .png

To keep you motivated I've listed a few BIG BENEFITS of Weight Training...

    • Burning more calories throughout the day.  Your body works harder to maintain muscle over fat.  Strength training can boost your metabolism so you burn more calories throughout the day.
    • Not only does strength training increase your physical work capacity, it also improves your ability to perform activities of daily living.  
    • It improves bone density.  One of the best ways to staff off bone loss as you age is to add strength training into your workout plan.
    • It Increases the strength of connective tissue, muscles, and tendons. This leads to improved motor performance and decreased injury risk.
    • It improves your quality of life as you gaining body confidence. 


      Final Word:

      - Start slowly so you will lessen the likelihood of injury and excessive soreness.

      - Start with less sets if that makes you feel more confident - Work out to more sets + reps as you go.

      - Use the correct weight amount.  You're building your body, not your ego.  Using too much weight will increase your chance of injury and your form will mostly suffer as well.  

      - Give your muscles time to rest and recovery.  A good rule of thumb when starting a program is a 48 hour rest period between weight lifting days. 


      As always we hope this has been both informative and helpful! 

      Please share comments or likes! 

                                       Evan Supanich 

                  Co-Owner/Personal Trainer 

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      Body Weight Workout

      This workout is designed for that disciplined individual who never wants to miss a workout - regardless of available equipment.   


      1. Incline / Regular / Decline Push Ups (3 Sets / 10-30 Reps)

      Jumping Jacks (3 Sets / 45S - 1M)

      2. Step Back Lunges / SL Squats (3 Sets / 10 Reps*)

      Line Hops (3 Sets / 45S - 1 M)

      3. Leg Raises / Leg Circles (3 Sets / 20-40 Seconds*)

      Mountain Climbers  (3 Sets / 30S - 1M)

      4. Single-Leg Dead Lift / With “Pop Step” (3 Sets / 8-12 Reps*

      Russian Twists (3 Sets / 20 Seconds - 1 Minute)

      5. Burpies (3 Sets / 10-20 Reps)

      Plank (3 Sets / 30 Seconds - 1 Minute)

      6. Triceps Dips (3 Sets / 10-25 Reps)

      Side Plank (30s – 1m)

      * = Each Side


      Youtube links are available above on some exercises.

      Special thanks to Brian Worthy (Practically Fit PDX), for helping me assembly this idea worth implementing. 

      For additional help email


                                      Evan Supanich 

                  Co-Owner/Personal Trainer 

                                          Vive Fitness 

                              4023 NE Hancock St

                                 Portland OR, 97212

                      Instagram: Vivefitnesspdx

      Evan's "Daily's"

      Keep your energy up, stay loose & build muscle by taking 1-2 minutes and preforming these chest, legs, core & back exercises every hour.  

      Go at your own pace. 

      Exercises should feel difficult, but you should not struggle to get out the last few reps - Perceived exertion should be between a 6-8 on all exercises.



      Daily One

      Chest: Push-Ups
      Legs: Body Weight Squats / Single Leg Squats
      Core: Plank
      *Back: Pull-ups or Rows (Pull-up bar or TRX required)

      Daily Two

      Chest: Incline Push-Ups / "Standard" Push-Ups / Decline Push-Ups
      Legs: Side Lying Leg Raises or Side Lying Hip Circles
      Core: Russian Twists or V-Ups or V-Ups with Twist
      *Back: Pull-ups or Rows (Pull-up bar or TRX required)

      Daily Three

      Chest: Clap Push-Ups
      Legs: Step Back Lunges
      Core: Side-Plank Hip Drops
      *Back: Pull-ups or Rows (Pull-up bar or TRX required)

      Daily Four

      Chest: Push-Ups
      Legs: Single Leg Dead Lifts / Single Leg Dead Lift W/"Pop Step"
      Core: Leg Lifts: Singles / Doubles
      *Back: Pull-ups or Rows (Pull-up bar or TRX required)


      Youtube links are available above on some exercises.

      Special thanks to Brian Worthy (Practically Fit PDX), for helping me assembly this idea worth implementing. 






      4023 NE HANCOCK ST.

      PORTLAND OR, 97212


      Portland Outdoor Workouts: "Urban Monster"

      The "Urban Monster" Workout


      Begin by running starts on 43rd, 41st, then 38th - Once at the top follow route to 32nd Place and completing hills from 32nd place - 29th Ave.

      *Reverse route for a change of pace. 

      The Stairs ("Sisters Workout"):

      The 5 Hills ("The Fremont Hills")



      This workout can be beastly - especially if you are just getting back in the swing of things! 

      Pace yourself.  Bring water.  Be aware of excessive heat conditions. Invite a friend!


      Like all workouts I bring into play, this is YOUR workout!  

      Go at your own place.  

      As this is a specific activity start slow and work your way up!  Don't feel like you need to complete the entire route the first time you head out.  

      As long as you are consistent in preforming this workout I promise it will get easier and easier and your place will get faster and faster! 




                                      Evan Supanich 

                  Co-Owner/Personal Trainer 

                                          Vive Fitness 

                              4023 NE Hancock St

                                 Portland OR, 97212

                      Instagram: Vivefitnesspdx

      Portland Outdoor Workouts (Track Workout)

      Grant High School City Track

      Track Workouts

      Running is incredibly accessible and affordable. Whatever your fitness goal, from running faster to overall fitness, mixing a running workout into your weekly schedule can bring benefits.


      Straights & Curves

      Who?  Beginners, Run-walkers, Pre-race

      Where?  Preferably a track, but any loop would work

      What?  Run intervals are the long sides of the track, rest is around the curve.

      Why?  Increasing cardiovascular endurance is all about work-recover-repeat. You teach your body to recover. Beccause the distance of the work (Straight side of the track) is relatively short, it is possible for intensity to be higher than a regular neighborhood run.


      Quarters, 400m Repeats

      Who?  Anyone

      Where?  Track or marked path

      What?  400m (or one lap) at a particular pace or effort level. Rest then repeat, repeat, repeat!

      Why?  Pace comes into play with this one, which allows you to track progess more measurably and keeps you honest about recovery time. Increasing volume (number of 400s) or increasing pace are ways to progress fitness over time. Variables in volume, intensity and rest are specific for different goals. A trainer or coach can direct you to modify for optimal results.


      BONUS: Fartlek

      No track is needed for this workout. It is incredibly versatile with location, personal ability level and all modifiable. That said, going into a workout with a plan, rather than a nebulous thought prepare you much better to actually conquer the training session.

      Who?  Anyone

      Where?  Anywhere. Preferably not too busy roads due to not wanting to have a work interval interrupted

      What?  Work-recover. For most seasoned runners, this looks like fast pace - normal (but not slow) pace. New runners can go to a run-walk to build fitness.

      Why?  Great way for friends or teammates of different paces to still run together.  Very adaptable for specific goals. The stress of hitting time can be left behind for a more organic hard effort experience.



      Evan Supanich & Laura Devine

      Co-Owners / Personal Trainers

       Vive Fitness

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