Portland Outdoor Workouts: "Urban Monster"

The "Urban Monster" Workout


Begin by running starts on 43rd, 41st, then 38th - Once at the top follow route to 32nd Place and completing hills from 32nd place - 29th Ave.

*Reverse route for a change of pace. 

The Stairs ("Sisters Workout"):

The 5 Hills ("The Fremont Hills")



This workout can be beastly - especially if you are just getting back in the swing of things! 

Pace yourself.  Bring water.  Be aware of excessive heat conditions. Invite a friend!


Like all workouts I bring into play, this is YOUR workout!  

Go at your own place.  

As this is a specific activity start slow and work your way up!  Don't feel like you need to complete the entire route the first time you head out.  

As long as you are consistent in preforming this workout I promise it will get easier and easier and your place will get faster and faster! 




                                Evan Supanich 

            Co-Owner/Personal Trainer 

                                    Vive Fitness 

                        4023 NE Hancock St

                           Portland OR, 97212

                Instagram: Vivefitnesspdx

Vive Fitness Spotlight: Evan Supanich


Co-Owner, Personal Trainer

Website: www.summitpersonaltrainingpdx.com

Email: thesummitpdx@gmail.com

Notorious for dressing in the latest Lululemon apparel, Evan’s expertise extends far beyond looking the part. The first person in the door and the last person to leave, Evan has a contagious passion for fitness and the creativity to back it up— constantly reinventing his workout design, checking in with his clients daily, and mentoring new and prospective trainers. On weekends, you’ll find Evan hiking Dog Mountain with his shiba inu Samurai or cheering on the Michigan State Spartans. 

Favorite high-end dining spot: Ox for skirt steak—yum. 

The ultimate hike: Cascade Head Trail near Lincoln City on a clear day. 

Go-to cocktail: Whiskey and Pok Pok drinking vinegar with a splash of club soda. 

Vive Fitness Spotlight: Laura Devine


Co-Owner, Personal Trainer

Email: Lauradevine.fitness@gmail.com

A former collegiate XC/ track athlete and current competitor, Laura is a runner to her core. While you will most likely hear the latest track-geek stats (and tales of toddler motherhood) between sets, no mileage will be forced on you. A personal trainer since 2004, Laura pulls from her extensive fitness knowledge and experience to create an effective training plan unique to each client. At the heart of Laura’s training philosophy is the belief that fitness can enhance anyone’s wellbeing and act as a key component to leading a happy and balanced life.

How do you unwind after work? Family dance party in our kitchen.

Favorite Portland bridge? Hawthorne. I love the constant flow of activity over, under and around this bridge.

The ultimate indulgence: Ruby Jewel dark chocolate salted caramel ice cream.

Vive Fitness Spotlight: Nathan Towry


Personal Trainer

Email: Nathantowry@yahoo.com

Around the gym, he's typically cracking a joke, or playing a prank, but don't be misled.  Nathan takes each client's fitness journey seriously. A personal trainer since 2001, Nathan focuses his approach to help his clients reach their goals.  With the certification Corrective Exercise Science from NASM, Nathan believes those with an injury or physical limitation can often continue to exercise and realize their goals through modification and mindful practice.  

Nathan also spent time in Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Peru, earning 170 hours toward his 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher certification.  

When he's not in the gym you will most likely find Nathan surfing, hiking the Columbia River Gorge, practicing yoga or in conversation over a beer in one of Portland's many brewpubs.

Best brew: Gt's Kombucha 

Favorite meal: Super spicy guacamole, seriously. 

Ideal vacation: Baja Mexico. Swell pulsing shoulder to head high, no electricity, trading the locals cases of Budweiser for fresh lobster. 

Vive Fitness Spotlight: Mathew Rouches


Personal Trainer

Email: mrouchestwo@gmail.com

Personal Trainer and NPC Physique Athlete.  Mathew moved to Portland in 2009 for culinary school.  Upon finishing his Associates in Culinary Art he pursed his career as a chef in Las Vegas.  While in Vegas, as a hobby, he was very active in the gym helping athletes with strength and conditioning in their off seasons.

Looking for a change he moved back to Portland in 2012 where became certified as a personal trainer.  8 months after becoming certified, he set a new goal for himself and decided to do a Physique competition.  He realized his goal a short time later and was on stage by October 0f 2013.  As of December of 2014 he is hooked and is now prepping for his 4th competition.  

Dieting and competing has helped Mathew put all his skills to good use - not only for himself, but for those he trains and coaches. 

The news or cartoons? News

Watching sports at a bar or man cave? Man Cave

Three ingredients to make a dinner successful? 1: Salt and pepper. 2: Garlic. 3: Olive oil.