Evan's Health Tips.

This is your time. 

The moment when you make real changes to improve your health, fitness and vitality - But where to get started?

Let me help point you in the right direction with some simple applications to improve your well-being. 


Drink Lots of Water! - Water facilitates all chemical processes that take place inside you, so basically what I’m saying is it's extremely important.   Carrying a container around with you will be a gentle reminder to keep up your intake.  Bonus: Proper amounts of water are associated with weight loss!


Proper Diet – This is a no brainer..  Eating a diet consisting of mostly of vegetables, fruits, lean meats and fish is the best way to eat, period. 

·      Sugar is a highly addictive substance that causes rapid weight gain.  In addition, I find that it causes my energy levels to violently fluctuate while affecting my ability to think clearly, causing what I can only describe as “fogginess”.

·      Alcohol - Too much alcohol (which can happen quickly) will drastically affect mood, sleep, and hormone levels.  It is also filled with empty calories associated with weight gain.

·      Dairy / Processed Carbs - Generally, I think of an over abundance of these as disagreeable to the average person’s health & fitness goals.

- Suggested Multivitamin: Rainbow Light 


Sleep – Getting sufficient amounts of sleep (7-9 hours a night) are a major way your body maintains homeostasis and lowers cortisol (stress) levels.  Without sleep your life becomes much more difficult and frustrating… even easy and/or routine tasks become difficult.  Don’t underestimate the importance of getting those Zzzzz’s!



Exercise Frequently & Differently – The human body was created to move.  So move, in as many ways as (literally) humanly possible.  Boot camps.  Zumba. Personal training. Swimming. Biking. Pilates.  Barre Classes.  Boxing.  Rock Climbing… Get out there and diversify that workout portfolio!  A good variety will keep you interested in fitness while reducing ware and tear on your body.  

At least a half-hour per day will “keep the blood pumping”, or in other words: Keep your mind clear, your stress levels lower and your energy levels higher!




Stress Relief – The grind of the modern world has caused the “Fight or Flight” system to be in a constant state of activation.  Finding a way to “chill out” has never been more important.  Find your Zen!  A walk, meditation, yoga, etc. are all excellent ways of combating daily stressors.  Everyone is different, so the path on this one isn’t always shared, but it’s important you find it. 





How to finish the job in 2016… Goals:

Objective Long-Term Goals are our hopes and dreams for the future. 

-       “I want to lose 30lbs.”

-       “I want to lose 5 inches around my waist.”

-        “I would like to be able to run a 7 minute mile.” 

They are the future we strive for.

Completing Objective Short Term goals are great way to help insure the success of your long-term goals.

-       “Exercise for 30 minutes every day”

-       “Eat lean meats, fruits, vegies and limit my calories to 1,500 kcals per day.”

-       “Get outside and run at least 4 days per week”.

Using short-term goals is a sure fire way to achieve your long-term goals – so don’t hesitate, start setting those markers!


Good luck!

Evan Supanich

Co-Owner / Personal Trainer 

Portland, OR

Instagram: Vivefitnesspdx