Vive Fitness Spotlight: Brian Worthy

Vive Fitness Personal Trainer, Brian Worthy


Personal Trainer




Having overcome his own health barriers (as a chronic asthmatic), Brian takes a relatable approach to coaxing out your innate strength, flexibility, and endurance. His broad and diverse range of experience, from long-distance running and cycling, to powerlifting and kettlebell training, allows him to tailor workouts that build upon your current foundation and keep you moving for the long-haul. He believes fitness should be fun, functional and most importantly, practical. What you do in the gym should effortlessly flow into and improve your daily life.

When he's not training, Brian enjoys fermenting krauts and kombucha, hauling his kids around Portland on a cargo bike, and indulging his wife's sweet tooth. 


Favorite bridge? Hawthorne. It's an easy bridge to get up and over, with the bonus of having a great view.

Best Halloween costume: Old Spice, "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" 

Three ingredients to make a dinner successful: 1. Butter  2. Butter 3. More butter. 


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