Portland Outdoor Workouts (Fremont Hills)

The Fremont Hills 


The Workout

Warm Up: 10 minute Jog and/or "Active warm-up" 

The Hills: 20-40 Minutes - *Depends on fitness level.  

Level 1: Walk hills (in ascending order).

Level 2: Jog up hills / Walk down (in ascending order).

Level 3: Jog hills (in ascending order).

Level 4 (hardest Interval): Sprint up hills / Walk down (in ascending order).

Cool Down: 15 Minute Brisk walk and/or "Active Cool-down"


This neighborhood workout will leave you feeling both gassed and accomplished.   Its a fine mix of muscle endurance because of the duration of the workout and muscle strength and power due to the sheer incline of some of these beastly hills!

Baby friendly?  Yes - With fairly flat sidewalks and low auto traffic, pushing your little one in a stroller can make for a pretty nice jump in intensity!

The best part about these hills?  Its located in central NE Fremont... so it makes for a fairly convenient set of intervals. 


What t0 expect:

The Fremont Hills can be fairly hard on the lower body, especially the steepness of the higher numbered streets (31st, 32nd, 32nd place).

The Hills are a lot more popular in the summer as the weather is much more desirable to be outside, but please be aware of HEAT conditions!  If you feel light headed, stop.  If you feel shaky, stop.  

Lastly, bring sufficient water. 


Final word

Like all workouts I bring into play, this is YOUR workout!  

Go at your own place.  

As this is a specific activity start slow and work your way up!  Don't feel like you need to complete the entire route the first time you head out.  

As long as you are consistent in preforming this workout I promise it will get easier and easier and your place will get faster and faster! 



                                Evan Supanich 

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