Evan's "Daily's"

Keep your energy up, stay loose & build muscle by taking 1-2 minutes and preforming these chest, legs, core & back exercises every hour.  

Go at your own pace. 

Exercises should feel difficult, but you should not struggle to get out the last few reps - Perceived exertion should be between a 6-8 on all exercises.



Daily One

Chest: Push-Ups
Legs: Body Weight Squats / Single Leg Squats
Core: Plank
*Back: Pull-ups or Rows (Pull-up bar or TRX required)

Daily Two

Chest: Incline Push-Ups / "Standard" Push-Ups / Decline Push-Ups
Legs: Side Lying Leg Raises or Side Lying Hip Circles
Core: Russian Twists or V-Ups or V-Ups with Twist
*Back: Pull-ups or Rows (Pull-up bar or TRX required)

Daily Three

Chest: Clap Push-Ups
Legs: Step Back Lunges
Core: Side-Plank Hip Drops
*Back: Pull-ups or Rows (Pull-up bar or TRX required)

Daily Four

Chest: Push-Ups
Legs: Single Leg Dead Lifts / Single Leg Dead Lift W/"Pop Step"
Core: Leg Lifts: Singles / Doubles
*Back: Pull-ups or Rows (Pull-up bar or TRX required)


Youtube links are available above on some exercises.

Special thanks to Brian Worthy (Practically Fit PDX), for helping me assembly this idea worth implementing. 









Love Wine? So do I. Check this App out.

So wine is a little off the mark of what we usually write about around here.  

That's ok, wine is awesome.  

"Wine Cellar” is an app that not only tracks your inventory, it’s a virtual wine cellar that allows you to browse your collection by scrolling through digital versions of your wine bottles. 

Customize each bottle based on:
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Add information about each wine:
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Other features: Finished a bottle? Move it to the Garage for future reference if you enjoyed it. Didn't like it? Move it to the trash. Received a good recommended or tasted one to remember in a restaurant? Use the Wishlist and then move to the Cellar when you eventually purchase it.




Pretty cool, right?  



Evan Supanich 

Co-Owner/Personal Trainer 

Vive Fitness 

4023 NE Hancock St

Portland OR, 97212

Instagram: Vivefitnesspdx

Vive Fitness Trail Report (Mt Thielsen 8-6-2015)

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  1. Vive Fitness Nike Dry Fit 
  2. Shorts 
  3. Sunglasses 
  4. Trail Shoes (Merrel)
  5. Light Zip-up Hoodie (Nike)
  6. Lululemon Cruiser Backpack


  1. Vive Fitness Nike Dry Fit
  2. Lululemon Fleece 
  3. Mid-shin yoga tights 
  4. Cross trainer shoes 

Notes: Good choice of clothing - We set out on the trail around 8am and we were very comfortable the whole way up.  We ended up removing our jackets around mile 2 of the hike.  As midmorning turned to late morning the sun shined down pretty hot - So for an early departure time a jacket or something of the like is definitely recommended, but you will most likely end up removing additional layers! 



  1. Back pack 
  2. 2.5 liters of water
  3. 20oz container of Gatorade 
  4. Trail snacks (
    1. 1 pack gummy bears
    2.  2 protein Bars
  5. Iphones (For Photos)
  6. Sun Screen (Sweat and high altitude make you more susceptible to sun burn)

Notes: Trail supplies were more than sufficient. 



  • About 4.8 hours transit time (238 Miles from Portland)
  • Stayed over night at Diamond Lake to get use to the elevation change and prepare for accent. 
  • Arrived at Mt. Thielsen (Direct Route) parking lot around 8am on a Thursday morning - Parking lot had 1 other car parked within it. 
  • The hike is about 5 miles to the top. 
  • Trail was dry and solid for the first 3.5 miles up.  
  • The last 1.5 miles the trails integrity gets worse - it becomes fairly sandy with footing occasionally not entirely stable. 
  • Trail did becomes quite narrow toward the top.  
  • The view from the near top is incredible.  at around 9,200 thousand ft the views are out standing! 

Notes: We strongly recommend this hike only to conditioned, seasoned hikers.  We would classify this hike as an expert level hike or very challenging!