This What Happened When I Stopped Working Out & Ate Junk For Three & Half Weeks. (PART 2)

December showed me exactly how my body would react to a complete 180 in dietary and exercise habits (for more on this click HERE).

  • Weight increased by 14lbs (197lbs to 211lbs).

  • Body composition was visible worse. 

  • Mental faculties dulled (increased irritability, less focus and a general feeling of a slower thought process).

  • ***I also experienced a decrease in motivation, though I didn’t notice this until I distanced myself from bad habits. 

However by January 1st, my shoulder injury had mostly healed and I was ready to recommitted myself to a disciplined diet and some form of exercise for at least 45 minutes a day, 6 days a week. 

The results?

  • A loss of 9 pounds— from 211 to 202. 

  • Body composition has visually improved 

  • Motivation spike and increased positive outlook 


I didn’t use some crazy new concept, nor did I take any expensive supplements (or any supplements at all for that matter) to get results— Only the application of sensible dietary habits with a strong concentration of discipline.

  1. Daily intermittent fasting (14 hours most days)

  2. Two meals + one snack per day, consisting of only meat, veggies and fruit — no processed foods, no dairy, no alcohol.

  3. Probiotic— usually kimchi.

The weekly exercise prescription was a combination of 3 sessions of weight lifting, 2-3 sessions of cardio (jogging and sprint intervals) and 1 session of flow work (Yoga, Animal Flow). I performed 4-5 sets of 12-15 reps for most lifts— never to failure.  This helped me increase muscle mass with a relatively low risk of re-injuring myself while I was recovering.

In closing, The combination of diet & exercise is an extremely powerful mechanism. The choices you make on a daily basis can completely change your outlook on life for better or for worse and you should always be mindful of this and make conscious decisions.

Heres to a healthy and happy 2019— Upwards and onwards!

Evan Supanich - Owner/Fitness Coach @ Vive Fitness