This What Happened When I Stopped Working Out & Ate Junk For Three & Half Weeks.

Saturday, December 8th I woke up to an undiagnosed shoulder injury. 

During the day I had some problematic range of motion issues but the pain level was relatively low.  At night, however, once I was sitting or laying down I was in agony—so much so it kept me up for hours at night. 

It was obvious that upper-body exercise was out for the time being, but I thought this experience could make for an interesting experiment.  Aside from shoulder rehab I took a complete break from not only exercise but from other good habits I preach: nutrition, meditation and proper amounts of sleep.  

As December rolled on, so did the onslaught of late night parties, alcohol and Christmas cookies. All the while, I continued to bench my usual healthy habits. 


The results of my 3.5 week experiment?

  • My weight increased by 14lbs (197lbs to 211lbs).

  • My body composition was visible worse. 

  • My mental faculties dulled (increased irritability, less focus and a general feeling of a slower thought process).

My life style changed dramatically over a few short weeks, but as a fitness coach this simulates what I see many people go through this time of year. Stress from (over) full-time employment, children and holiday parties gets the better of most.  Due to time constraints and increased temptation, healthy habits get put on hold. With poorer choices, people often see a decline in health and fitness. 

“Everyone falls off the wagon, its just a matter of how far”.

Currently, my shoulder feels much better and I’m ready for a course correction. Over the next couple of weeks I plan to execute every positive health and fitness habit in my wheel house and will document how long it takes to reverse the damage I’ve done.

My long term goals:

  • lose 14lbs

  • Positively change body composition

  • Level out my mental state 

A planned holistic approach to my short term (or daily) goals will be required if I want to succeed— so here they are. 

  1. Movement/Exercise: - At least 1 hour daily of either 1. Resistance training  2. Anaerobic exercise or 3. Aerobic exercise 

  2. Adequate Sleep: 7-9 hours daily 

  3. Diet: Low amounts processed sugar & alcohol. ***Fasting 10-14 hours per day

  4. Water: At least 100oz daily

  5. Meditation with Deep Breathing: 5-10 minutes

  6. Discomfort: Hot sauna, steam room and/or cold shower

  7. Mental Workouts: Reading or memory games

I will be posting updates on how this challenge plays out—every success and failure. Follow me to see my progress!

***For more information on how I am exercising or what my diet is consisting of please DM me on one of my social media platforms. 


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