Bosu Ball Workout

Step up the intensity of your workout in a fun and interesting way.  

Vive's "Bosu Ball workout" will help you break away from the mundane while burning through calories!

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***Not sure what a Bosu ball is or perhaps you just need a bit more info?  Check out Bosu's website:


TRX (Advanced Workout)

What is a TRX?

The TRX is a suspension training tool that uses gravity and the user's body weight to develop strength, power and core stability.  The TRX is very portable, convenient and users of all fitness levels can operate it. 

At Vive Fitness we kicked off our "Fit Clip" workout series with a 30 minute, advanced, TRX routine!  Play the video below to see Vive Fitness co-owner/personal trainer Evan Supanich and personal trainer Kaitlyn Evans as they take you through this burner of a workout!


30 Minute TRX Workout: 

Single Leg Squat / 10 Reps*

    - Pike Push-Ups / 10 Reps* / 3 Sets

Row & Reach / 10 Reps* 

    - Sprint Starts (Advanced)/  10 Reps* / 3 Sets

Skull Crushers / 10 Reps* 

    - Rotational Side Plank W/Knee Tuck 10 Reps* / 3 Sets

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