Vive Fitness Spotlight: Christi Smith-Ryan


Personal Trainer


When NSCA-certified strength and conditioning specialist, Christi walks into Vive Fitness, the energy rises. Her impressive fitness background—she holds the title of the greatest female athlete of all time at the University of Akron, winning the NCAA Heptathlon Championship in the year 2000 and ranking 5th at the Olympic Trials that same year—and versatile coaching style are just two qualities that make her a valuable member of the Vive team. In addition to helping people of all ages and ability levels reach their health and fitness goals in the gym, Christi incorporates her “train hard and have fun” motto into her position as the head Track and Field Coach at Central Catholic High School. Born in Columbus, Ohio, she fills her free time (how does she have it?) rooting on the Ohio State Buckeyes and exploring Portland with her wife, Nicole. 

Favorite movie: Gattaca

Favorite weekend entertainment: Chicken foot dominoes and Phase 10 battles with friends

Interesting fact: She has rescued three animals: a 13-year-old tabby cat, Ella Bella, a 7-year-old Pointer/Boston Terrier mix, Lola, and a 1-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix, Pepper. 

Vive Fitness Spotlight: Amy Rausch


Personal Trainer



WNBF bikini pro and NPC bikini competitor, Amy knows how to sculpt a beautiful physique.  Bu health and fitness are much more than what you see on the outside, because your relationship with your body and your relationship with food are equally, if not more important.   Amy believes that you can love your body while working to change it at the same time, because fitness should, ultimately enhance your life. not take away from it.  If you're ready to take control of your health and fitness, Amy is here to help!

Ideal Vacation?

Go to weekend Entertainment?

Favorite Portland Restaurant?

Vive Fitness Spotlight: Laura Mckeand


Personal Trainer, Life Coach



Phone: 317-694-5041

There’s a new joke circling around Vive Fitness: We may need to set up a cot for Master Trainer and Life Coach, Laura in the back room because….well, she never leaves. One quick look at her credentials—teacher and coach for 15 years, firefighter for seven years, and Master Trainer for over three—and you’ll know this powerhouse runs on passion and heart not only for health and fitness, but also for her clients overall well-being. Whether Laura’s setting up boot camp in a nearby park or taking a quick “dance-off” break to Michael Jackson, she has a contagious energy that inspires everyone around her.

Favorite sports team? Indianapolis Colts

Go-to local brew? Columbia River Brewing

Favorite part of the job? Making personal connections with my clients

Vive Fitness Spotlight: Kaitlyn Evans


Personal Trainer


On the surface, Kaitlyn is a goofball—showing off her latest white girl dance moves and sporting the flashiest footwear she can find. However, hidden beneath her persistent smile is a fiercely competitive spirit. A born-and-raised Portlandian, Kaitlyn is an adventure seeker, exploring new hikes and restaurants in her free time. She believes that enjoying life is key to achieving a sustainable, well-rounded health, encouraging clients to seek variety in exercise, food, and thought. 

Best workout fuel: Kale smoothie with almond butter, apple and ginger.

Favorite Portland bridge: The Fremont—the view of downtown at sunset is remarkable. 

Biggest pet peeve about Portland: Over-confident bike commuters.

Vive Fitness Spotlight: Brian Worthy

Vive Fitness Personal Trainer, Brian Worthy


Personal Trainer




Having overcome his own health barriers (as a chronic asthmatic), Brian takes a relatable approach to coaxing out your innate strength, flexibility, and endurance. His broad and diverse range of experience, from long-distance running and cycling, to powerlifting and kettlebell training, allows him to tailor workouts that build upon your current foundation and keep you moving for the long-haul. He believes fitness should be fun, functional and most importantly, practical. What you do in the gym should effortlessly flow into and improve your daily life.

When he's not training, Brian enjoys fermenting krauts and kombucha, hauling his kids around Portland on a cargo bike, and indulging his wife's sweet tooth. 


Favorite bridge? Hawthorne. It's an easy bridge to get up and over, with the bonus of having a great view.

Best Halloween costume: Old Spice, "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" 

Three ingredients to make a dinner successful: 1. Butter  2. Butter 3. More butter. 


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