Portland Outdoor Workouts (Track Workout)

Grant High School City Track

Track Workouts

Running is incredibly accessible and affordable. Whatever your fitness goal, from running faster to overall fitness, mixing a running workout into your weekly schedule can bring benefits.


Straights & Curves

Who?  Beginners, Run-walkers, Pre-race

Where?  Preferably a track, but any loop would work

What?  Run intervals are the long sides of the track, rest is around the curve.

Why?  Increasing cardiovascular endurance is all about work-recover-repeat. You teach your body to recover. Beccause the distance of the work (Straight side of the track) is relatively short, it is possible for intensity to be higher than a regular neighborhood run.


Quarters, 400m Repeats

Who?  Anyone

Where?  Track or marked path

What?  400m (or one lap) at a particular pace or effort level. Rest then repeat, repeat, repeat!

Why?  Pace comes into play with this one, which allows you to track progess more measurably and keeps you honest about recovery time. Increasing volume (number of 400s) or increasing pace are ways to progress fitness over time. Variables in volume, intensity and rest are specific for different goals. A trainer or coach can direct you to modify for optimal results.


BONUS: Fartlek

No track is needed for this workout. It is incredibly versatile with location, personal ability level and all modifiable. That said, going into a workout with a plan, rather than a nebulous thought prepare you much better to actually conquer the training session.

Who?  Anyone

Where?  Anywhere. Preferably not too busy roads due to not wanting to have a work interval interrupted

What?  Work-recover. For most seasoned runners, this looks like fast pace - normal (but not slow) pace. New runners can go to a run-walk to build fitness.

Why?  Great way for friends or teammates of different paces to still run together.  Very adaptable for specific goals. The stress of hitting time can be left behind for a more organic hard effort experience.



Evan Supanich & Laura Devine

Co-Owners / Personal Trainers

 Vive Fitness

4023 NE Hancock St.

Portland OR, 97212

 Instagram: Vivefitnesspdx

Portland Outdoor Workouts (Alameda "Sisters" Stairs)

The "Sisters" Workout



- Complete in either ascending or descending order, beginning at either 38th or 43rd.  Once through, go back complete them in reverse order.  

Level 1: Walk Stairs 

Level 2: Jog Up Stairs / Walk Down Stairs

Level 3: Jog Up Stairs & Walk Down Stairs

Level 4 (hardest Interval): Sprint Up Stairs / Walk Down Stairs.



The "Sisters" stair route is called such because it is three separate stairs cases leading from:

1. 38th-Alemda

2. Wisteria (at 42nd) - Alameda

 3. Wisteria (at 43rd) - Alameda

Like the "Fremont Hills" workout, the "Sisters Stair Route" will build a ton of muscle strength and endurance.  After completing this course you will have concurred over 650 steps - so prepare for leg shaking workout!

Centered off of 42nd this route provides for another convenient outdoor neighborhood workout.


The Stairs have grown fairly popular (as far as outdoor workouts go) so expect a little foot traffic - especially in the mid to late morning.  

In terms of difficulty, the fewest number of stairs is at 38th while the highest amount of stairs can be found on 43rd.  


As I always say: "This is YOUR workout - Go at your own place!"

As this is a specific activity start slow and work your way up!  Don't feel like you need to complete the entire route the first time you head out.  

*Very Important: Pay attention to weather conditions!  Don't go out in extreme heat and always remember to pack sufficient water with you!

As long as you are consistent in preforming this workout I promise it will get easier and easier and your place will get faster and faster! 





Evan Supanich 

Co-Owner/Personal Trainer 

 Vive Fitness 

4023 NE Hancock St               

Portland OR, 97212

Instagram: Vivefitnesspdx

Portland Outdoor Workouts (Fremont Hills)

The Fremont Hills 


The Workout

Warm Up: 10 minute Jog and/or "Active warm-up" 

The Hills: 20-40 Minutes - *Depends on fitness level.  

Level 1: Walk hills (in ascending order).

Level 2: Jog up hills / Walk down (in ascending order).

Level 3: Jog hills (in ascending order).

Level 4 (hardest Interval): Sprint up hills / Walk down (in ascending order).

Cool Down: 15 Minute Brisk walk and/or "Active Cool-down"


This neighborhood workout will leave you feeling both gassed and accomplished.   Its a fine mix of muscle endurance because of the duration of the workout and muscle strength and power due to the sheer incline of some of these beastly hills!

Baby friendly?  Yes - With fairly flat sidewalks and low auto traffic, pushing your little one in a stroller can make for a pretty nice jump in intensity!

The best part about these hills?  Its located in central NE Fremont... so it makes for a fairly convenient set of intervals. 


What t0 expect:

The Fremont Hills can be fairly hard on the lower body, especially the steepness of the higher numbered streets (31st, 32nd, 32nd place).

The Hills are a lot more popular in the summer as the weather is much more desirable to be outside, but please be aware of HEAT conditions!  If you feel light headed, stop.  If you feel shaky, stop.  

Lastly, bring sufficient water. 


Final word

Like all workouts I bring into play, this is YOUR workout!  

Go at your own place.  

As this is a specific activity start slow and work your way up!  Don't feel like you need to complete the entire route the first time you head out.  

As long as you are consistent in preforming this workout I promise it will get easier and easier and your place will get faster and faster! 



                                Evan Supanich 

            Co-Owner/Personal Trainer 

                                    Vive Fitness 

                        4023 NE Hancock St

                           Portland OR, 97212

                Instagram: Vivefitnesspdx

Bosu Ball Workout

Step up the intensity of your workout in a fun and interesting way.  

Vive's "Bosu Ball workout" will help you break away from the mundane while burning through calories!

Check the video below and as always comments, likes, and shares are encouraged! 

Thanks for watching!

***Not sure what a Bosu ball is or perhaps you just need a bit more info?  Check out Bosu's website: http://www.bosu.com


TRX (Advanced Workout)

What is a TRX?

The TRX is a suspension training tool that uses gravity and the user's body weight to develop strength, power and core stability.  The TRX is very portable, convenient and users of all fitness levels can operate it. 

At Vive Fitness we kicked off our "Fit Clip" workout series with a 30 minute, advanced, TRX routine!  Play the video below to see Vive Fitness co-owner/personal trainer Evan Supanich and personal trainer Kaitlyn Evans as they take you through this burner of a workout!


30 Minute TRX Workout: 

Single Leg Squat / 10 Reps*

    - Pike Push-Ups / 10 Reps* / 3 Sets

Row & Reach / 10 Reps* 

    - Sprint Starts (Advanced)/  10 Reps* / 3 Sets

Skull Crushers / 10 Reps* 

    - Rotational Side Plank W/Knee Tuck 10 Reps* / 3 Sets

Thanks For Watching!  If you have any comments or questions please leave them in the comment section!