We offer a variety of classes suited to fit the needs of every type of client. 


Class Descriptions:

Function Strength Circuit

Do you like the idea of a fierce empowering workout? This class uses science delivered in the form of expert level coaching to give you a safe and effective workout!  Incorporating body weight exercises, kettlebells, TRX, and much more, the Function Strength Circuit will give you that intense workout that you crave. Some fitness experience encourage but not necessary. 

Trainer: Evan Supanich

INTERVAL Circuit Training

Alternating between timed sets of strength and cardio exercises, this class will kickstart your week. Incorporating dumbbells, kettlebells, bosu balls, and body weight moves in a fast-paced setting, Interval Vive is one of those classes that flies by in the moment, but will have you cursing it (in a good way) for the entire week.  Some fitness experience encourage but not necessary. 

Trainer: Kaitlyn Evans


Looking for a workout that helps you move more freely through your daily routine?  The Functional Circuit class pays close attention to detail, bundling proper form, beneficial movement patterns, and core strength all in one hour-long package. All ability levels welcome. 

Trainer: Laura Devine

Cardio Blast

Implementing steps and risers for muscular endurance and heart-pumping cardio, Max Vive is designed to work your body toward exhaustion. Incorporating steps, endurance weight-lifting, and bodyweight exercises, this class will push you to your max. Difficulty level: Moderate-Very Challenging. 

Trainer: Rachel Crocker


Join this small group class for a dynamic workout that will challenge your core and help develop long lean muscles while increasing your flexibility. This class is for all fitness levels using modifications as needed and emphasizing Pilates fundamentals. This is a great way to complement your cardio routine or use as your primary fitness program increasing your ability to live an active and energetic life.   Instructor: Debbie Kirkland


Join Vive Run Club to be guided through a variety of running workouts including intervals, hill training and group runs on the road and track. All workouts can be adapted to your fitness level and personal goals. Each workout will include a guided warm up and cool down, with an extended 90-minute class on Sundays for post-run recovery yoga. Whether you’re new to running and not sure how to start, or you want to take your training to the next level, you’ll find a place to thrive with Vive Run Club. Difficulty Level: Beginner to Advanced 

Coach: Caitlin Hudson


Open to ages 13-18. June 18 - Aug 22 (no classes week of July 4th) Girls: T & Th 11am-12pm, Boys 1-2pm. Join us to work on strength, endurance, balance and flexibility in a fun team-building setting. This class series is designed to increase overall athleticism, protect against injury and develop a life-long appreciation for fitness. Participants will set personal performance goals they will work toward over the summer. All levels welcome.

Trainers: Laura Devine & Mathew Rouches